1. Application
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Dear Applicant Welcome to the candidate application process to stand for the Brexit Party as a candidate in parliamentary elections. We ask you to complete the following questionnaire. We recommend that you complete this application on a computer as you will be required to upload a copy of your CV and ID.

1. I confirm my commitment to be considered as a parliamentary candidate for the Brexit Party in the next general election: *


2. I understand that the processing fee for this application will be £100 to cover the admin and necessary checks and that this fee is non-refundable: *


3. To take your application further, we need you to fill out this application in full and to consent to a number of background checks (including not by way of limitation) criminal, social media and credit checks.

I consent to a comprehensive background check: *


4. To stand in United Kingdom parliamentary elections you must meet certain eligibility criteria. These are set out fully here:


Please confirm that you are both: *

5. Please confirm that you have read the Electoral Commission eligibility guidelines (accessed through the link immediately above) and confirm that there are no criteria which would disqualify you as a candidate.

I confirm I have read the guidelines and can see no reason why I can’t stand as a candidate: *


6. If I am selected to be a Brexit Party candidate for a parliamentary seat, I am prepared to devote time to work with the Party to begin establishing a presence in the constituency and setting up a campaign structure immediately: *


7. I declare that I have never been a member of the following organisations:
National Front (NF)
British National Party (BNP)
English Defence League (EDL)
For Britain Movement
Nor have I been a member of a proscribed organisation.


8. I am not aware of any past or current issues in my background that may embarrass the Brexit Party or bring it into disrepute, and commit to notify the Party promptly of any such issues that may occur in the future in the period whilst being considered to be a candidate or once selected as a candidate: *